Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Undersink Water Purifiers

Whether you use municipal water or a well, undersink water purifiers work flawlessly with your water supply. They are equipped with advanced filters that target certain impurities, giving them a versatile option for any family. Our purifiers have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years, making them long-term partners in your search for pure water. […]

Best Borehole Water Treatment Methods And Maintenance

Borehole Water Treatment Methods

Boreholes play a major role in being a reliable and safe source of water to many communities in Kenya with limited access to clean water. However, Having to drill a borehole is not just enough. To maintain its water quality, consistency maintenance, and care are important. This is because borehole water is not always ready […]

Types of Water Filters and How They Work

water filters

Without Doubts access to clean and safe drinking water is a top priority for everyone and every household. But how do we make sure we maintain a steady flow of clean water every day? That’s where water filters come in to help us solve the mystery. However There are various types of water filters available on […]

Salty Water Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Salty Water Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Salty water reverse osmosis (RO) purifiers provide a game-changing solution in locations with limited freshwater resources, as well as for individuals wanting an independent source of clean drinking water. Refinar East Africa’s RO machines effectively remove salt and other pollutants from saltwater, making it safe for drinking, irrigation, and a variety of domestic uses. This […]

Chemical dosing pump and What is it used for?

Chemical dosing pumps

Chemical dosing is a systematic procedure of introducing certain chemicals into a system, usually in specified amounts, to produce desired results. The mechanism of chemical dosage differs according to the application. In the context of water treatment, a dosing pump, which is a diaphragm pump, is used to inject the chemical into a flow of […]

Chlorination in Water Treatment

chlorination in water treatment

Water treatment is an essential process to ensure the availability of safe and clean drinking water for communities around the world. Among the various methods employed in water treatment, It stands out as a highly effective and widely used technique. Its effectiveness in microbial disinfection, taste and odor control, residual protection, and cost-effectiveness make it […]

Chemical Dosing In Water Treatment and How does it work?

chemical dosing in water treatment

When it comes to water treatment, the careful application of chemicals is essential to improving water quality and guaranteeing adherence to regulations. Chemical dosing is a crucial aspect of this process, aiming to improve the quality of water by addressing various contaminants and ensuring it meets regulatory standards. Different chemicals are used for specific purposes […]

Signs That Your Water Needs Purification

Water purification

Water is an essential resource in our daily lives, but maintaining its cleanliness is critical. Also, Clean water is critical to our well-being and Contaminated water can have serious consequences for health, thus, stressing the significance of regular water purification and testing. Are you concerned about the quality of your well water? Understanding the indications […]