Chemical dosing pump and What is it used for?

Chemical dosing pumps

Chemical dosing is a systematic procedure of introducing certain chemicals into a system, usually in specified amounts, to produce desired results. The mechanism of chemical dosage differs according to the application. In the context of water treatment, a dosing pump, which is a diaphragm pump, is used to inject the chemical into a flow of […]

Chlorination in Water Treatment

chlorination in water treatment

Water treatment is an essential process to ensure the availability of safe and clean drinking water for communities around the world. Among the various methods employed in water treatment, It stands out as a highly effective and widely used technique. Its effectiveness in microbial disinfection, taste and odor control, residual protection, and cost-effectiveness make it […]

Chemical Dosing In Water Treatment and How does it work?

chemical dosing in water treatment

When it comes to water treatment, the careful application of chemicals is essential to improving water quality and guaranteeing adherence to regulations. Chemical dosing is a crucial aspect of this process, aiming to improve the quality of water by addressing various contaminants and ensuring it meets regulatory standards. Different chemicals are used for specific purposes […]