Refinar East Africa’s containerized water treatment systems

Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plants

Refinar East Africa is at the forefront of water treatment technology, developing cutting-edge solutions in a world where having access to clean and safe water is a fundamental human right. Our company is dedicated to providing clean water to all people and has created advanced water treatment systems and equipment that are used by several industries across the globe.

Advanced Water Treatment Solutions

Major industries, including mining, pharmaceuticals, natural disasters, and food and beverage, encounter significant challenges in meeting their water treatment needs while maintaining a small environmental footprint. Refinar East Africa’s containerized water treatment systems play a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges.

Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plants

Versatile Applications

These containerized systems are tailored to provide solutions for diverse scenarios. For instance, a seawater reverse osmosis system not only offers potable water to coastal communities but also utilizes solar panels.

Moreover, Refinar East Africa’s containerized water reverse osmosis systems prove indispensable in areas lacking existing infrastructure. For construction purposes, these systems can supply water for drinking, cement-making, site cleaning, and leveling, thereby offering a versatile range of applications while adding value to ongoing projects.

Features of Our Containerized Units

This innovation extends to containerized reverse osmosis systems that efficiently treat wastewater sources, reducing suspended solids to improve water quality. Our containerized units are thoughtfully designed with customer convenience in mind, featuring insulation walls, easy-to-clean diamond flooring, personnel entry doors, and climate control units where applicable.

Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plants

Purifying Water for Optimal Treatment

An essential aspect of Refinar East Africa’s technology is the ultrafiltration system, adept at removing turbidity, bacteria, and viruses commonly found in water. This system acts as a crucial pretreatment step for reverse osmosis systems, enhancing membrane longevity by reducing suspended matter in the water.

Portability and Adaptability

The portability and protective features of the containerized units make them adaptable to diverse environments, ensuring optimal system operation regardless of location or weather conditions. We serve clients in East Africa, among other parts of the world. Our engineers have tailored solutions to meet unique and challenging applications, emphasizing ease of maintenance, component replacement, and operational efficiency.


Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through their containerized water treatment systems showcases a dedication to global water access. By continually refining its technology and engineering, We are transforming the landscape of clean water accessibility worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are containerized water treatment systems?

Containerized water treatment plants are self-contained systems for treating water, housed within shipping containers. These portable units come pre-assembled and pre-tested, offering a quick and efficient method to deliver clean water across various scenarios. Commonly used in emergencies, remote locations, or temporary setups, these plants provide essential water treatment solutions.

What are the advantages of using containerized water treatment plants?

There are several benefits to utilizing containerized units:
Portability: Easily transportable to required locations.
Rapid Deployment: Can be operational within a few hours.
Scalability: Customizable to meet specific project needs.
Reliability: Built to withstand harsh conditions, often equipped with backup systems.
Cost-effectiveness: Offers a more economical option, especially for temporary or remote water treatment needs.

What types of water can containerized water treatment plants treat?

Containerized water treatment plants can effectively treat various water sources, including:
Surface water (e.g., rivers, lakes)
Groundwater (e.g., wells)
Brackish water (slightly saline water)
The treatment process depends on the quality and nature of the water source.

What are the different types of containerized water treatment plants?

There are diverse types of containerized water treatment plants available, each serving distinct purposes:
Reverse Osmosis Plants: Utilize semi-permeable membranes to eliminate water impurities.
Ultrafiltration Plants: Employ filters to remove impurities from water.
Microfiltration Plants: Use fine filters to remove water impurities.
Chlorination Plants: Employ chlorine to eradicate bacteria in water.

How much do containerized water treatment plants cost?

The cost of Our containerized water treatment plant varies based on factors like size, capacity, and treatment type required. However, they are generally more cost-effective than conventional water treatment plants, particularly for temporary or remote water treatment needs.


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