Water treatment solutions

A Vision of Cleaner, Safer, and Sustainable Water

At Refinar East Africa, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to revolutionize water treatment and purification solutions across the region. With a dynamic blend of innovation, engineering expertise, and an unyielding dedication to excellence, we stand at the forefront of the industry. Our mission is to redefine how communities access clean, safe, and reliable water.

we envision a future where access to clean, safe water is a universal right. Our passion drives us to continue pushing the boundaries of water treatment technology, setting new standards of excellence, and leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

Our Solutions

Reverse Osmosis Machines

We specialize in crafting state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems that deliver clean, high-quality water for various applications.

Water Bottling Plants

Our custom-designed bottling plants ensure the purity and safety of water, meeting the highest industry standards.

Water Franchise

We support entrepreneurial ventures with water franchise solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in the water industry.

Real Estate Water Treatment

We integrate water treatment solutions into real estate developments, ensuring residents have access to safe, clean water

Waste Water Treatment

Our  waste water treatment solutions contribute to a sustainable environment while adhering to regulatory standards.

Borehole Drilling and Equipping

Utilizing advanced technology, we expertly drill and equip boreholes to provide sustainable and reliable water sources.

Containerized Equipment

We offer innovative, containerized water treatment solutions for mobility and adaptability in diverse environments.

Dialysis Water Treatment

Our  dialysis water treatment machines meet the requirements of healthcare facilities, guaranteeing patient safety.

General Purpose Water

We provide versatile water purification systems for a wide array of applications, from industrial to residential.

Swimming Pool construction

Our expertise in pool equipment and engineering ensures crystal-clear water for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Water Tower Construction

We construct water towers to facilitate efficient water distribution and storage, catering to both urban and rural areas.

HDPE BUTT Plumbing

We specialize in using advanced butt fusion techniques, ensuring leak-proof connections for water supply, drainage, and more.

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