Reteti Elephants Sanctuary Samburu, Kenya

The Reteti Elephants, small and vulnerable, receive a 2-litre bottle of milk every three hours, around the clock. This translates to an impressive 8 bottles a day and a staggering 56 bottles a week for a single elephant. The introduction of a new milk formula, through the collaborative efforts of the dedicated keepers, co-founder Katie Rowe, and the local community, has been a monumental game changer, effectively saving lives.

The Challenge

Raising these young calves, particularly those with challenging injuries from their rescue missions, required a specialized approach. We identified a critical need for a milk pasteurizer and a chiller to ensure the milk is not only free from harmful bacteria and pathogens but also maintains its nutritional value.

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Our Solution

We took on the challenge by sourcing, installing, and commissioning a state-of-the-art milk pasteurizer and chiller. These components have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the care of the elephants:

Milk Pasteurizer:

 Designed for efficiency, our commercial milk pasteurizer handles large volumes of milk with precision. This ensures the milk is safe for consumption while retaining its vital nutrients.

Chiller: A crucial element in preserving the freshness of the milk. By regulating temperature, it guarantees the milk is of the highest quality.


Our contribution goes far beyond the technicalities. By actively participating in this initiative, we’ve witnessed transformative effects:

Empowering Women: Traditionally, women in the local community are the owners of the milk. Our involvement has empowered them further.

Community Support: During times of low tourism, milk sales have become an additional source of support for the community.

Thriving Elephants: The elephants are not only surviving but thriving on this innovative milk formula.


Our involvement in this project with Reteti Elephants stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, conservation, and community support. We take pride in knowing that our contributions are not only benefiting these magnificent creatures but also creating positive ripples in the local community.


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