Automatic Shrink Labeling Machine

AK-S150 Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

Production Capacity: Up to 9000 bottles per hour (Based on 80mm label length for a 500ml bottle as standard).

Label Specifications:

  • Label Diameter: φ30~90mm
  • Bottle & Can Diameter: φ28~90mm
  • Label Length: 30~250mm
  • Label Thickness: ≥0.035mm
  • Label Material: PVC/PET/OPS

Main Machine Power: 4KW (220V, 50HZ)

Dimensions: 2100×1100×2150mm

Weight: 600kg


Key Features of our Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine :

  1. Sturdy Build: Made from strong stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy for durability and easy adjustments.
  2. Fits Different Labels: Works with labels ranging from 5″ to 10″ paper tubes, making it versatile for various bottle sizes.
  3. Easy to Set Up: Simple installation for both square and round bottles, no extra tools needed.
  4. Works with Different Bottles: Adjusts easily to fit different types of bottles without special equipment.
  5. Easy Labeling: Uses a convenient pressing sleeve method for labeling.
  6. Automatic Feeding: Keeps a steady supply of label material, ensuring even application.
  7. Quick Knife Changes: Unique design allows for fast and easy knife replacement without changing the base.
  8. Fast Mould Changes: Switches molds quickly and without tools.
  9. Accurate Label Placement: Adjusts label position to suit specific bottle types for precise labeling.
  10. Precise Cutting: Uses advanced technology for accurate label cutting.
  11. Reliable Control: Uses a dependable Japanese OMRON PLC for control.
  12. User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface with top-quality components from well-known brands.

Elevate your labeling process with our user-friendly Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine, designed for efficiency and accuracy in labeling bottles of all shapes and sizes.


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