Brush Bottle Rinser

Brush Bottle Rinser

DIMENSIONS; 800*750*1220mm


  • Upgrade your bottle cleaning process with the Brush Bottle Rinser Machine. Crafted from top-grade stainless steel 304, this machine guarantees both durability and hygiene, ensuring lasting performance.

    Key Features of the Brush Bottle Rinser Machine:

    • Stainless Steel Build: Crafted from reliable grade 304 stainless steel sheets, this machine stands strong, promising longevity and quality.
    • Complete Cleaning: No spot is left uncleaned. This machine takes care of both the inside and outside of your bottles, ensuring a thorough cleanse.
    • Ideal for Large Bottles: Designed to handle bigger bottles, this machine delivers effective cleaning for bottles of substantial size.

    Experience the ease and efficiency of the Brush Rinser Machine. Elevate your bottle cleaning standards with a solution that’s built to last.


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