Two Deck Oven

Elevate your baking operations with our Two Deck Oven, offering enhanced capacity, efficiency, and durability for all your baking needs.

– Double baking capacity

– Compact design: 1220mm x 820mm x 575mm

– Efficient power usage: Volt 220V/Single Phase/6.5 KW

– Durable stainless steel construction

– Enhanced visibility: internal lights and tempered glass doors

– Stable and even heating: efficient heating pipes

– Safety and insulation: ergonomic door handles

– Generous baking space: trays measuring 600mm x 400mm


Features of our Two Deck Oven

– Double Capacity: Features two spacious decks for increased baking output.

– Compact Design: Dimensions of 1220mm x 820mm x 575mm, optimized for kitchen space.

– Efficient Power: Operates on Volt 220V/Single Phase/6.5 KW for consistent baking results.

– Durable Construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning.

– Easy Monitoring: Internal lights and tempered glass for clear visibility of your baking progress.

– Reliable Heating: Equipped with efficient heating pipes for stable and even heat distribution.

– Safety First:** Highly insulated with ergonomic door handles.

– Ample Baking Space: Each oven includes trays measuring 600mm by 400mm.