Yoghurt Making Equipment’s

Yoghurt Making Equipment

The basic equipment needed for a mini yogurt-making plant

KES 290,000.00


The basic equipment needed for a mini yogurt-making plant
1. A Pasteurizer
-almost 75% of the job is done here. From heating the milk, adding culture and formulas, mixing, and cooling down.
-this unit comes with a control panel where you can monitor the temperatures and shift from heating, cooling, and mixing/stirring.
2. A Cone Hopper
-once the yogurt is ready and cooled to room temp, you transfer it to the hopper which is best placed on top of the table.
-It is shaped as a cone for easy draining of the product hence the name.
-it consists of a tap at the bottom.
-made of stainless steel food-grade material.
3. A Packaging / Working table.
– just like the name, a table comes in handy. Here is where you place your filled cups, seal them, label, and wrap them.
4. Cup Sealer.
– a cup sealer helps is binding the top aluminum foil with the cups.
-It works pretty fast and is easy to operate.
– the cup sealer comes with dyes of different sizes depending on the diameter of your cup tops.
All these types of equipment can be bought from us.
We give a 1-year warranty on all our products.
We also walk with you in the journey, what we call aftersale service making sure you are up and operating smoothly.


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