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Swimming Pool Construction

Adding a swimming pool to any property significantly enhances its value. Even in the case of a private family home, it serves as a splendid addition that introduces a touch of luxury. Nevertheless, the presence of swimming pools in homes is not common due to various factors such as space limitations, costs, and personal preferences. Some individuals are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a pool with their children, leading them to avoid having one. However, for those who cherish the notion of possessing a private pool, the question often arises: How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Kenya?

Types of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a distinct purpose based on where they are installed. Let’s delve into the specifics of Residential Pools and Commercial Pools.

Residential Pools

Residential pools are those found within homes or private properties. These pools are designed to provide a personal space for relaxation, exercise, and recreation. The key features of residential pools are:

  • Tailored Design: Residential pools are custom-designed to suit the homeowner’s preferences and the available space. They can be crafted in various shapes, such as free-flowing curves or more traditional rectangular forms.
  • Personalized Experience: Since residential pools are meant for private use, they offer a more intimate and personalized swimming experience. Homeowners can enjoy their pool without the crowds often found in commercial settings.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Residential pools can be designed to complement the overall aesthetics of the property. They can seamlessly blend with the landscape, adding to the visual appeal of the outdoor area.

Commercial Pools

Commercial pools are larger swimming facilities typically found in public spaces, such as hotels, fitness centers, schools, and recreational complexes. These pools cater to a larger number of people and need to meet certain standards of safety and functionality. The characteristics of commercial pools include:

  • Standardized Design: Commercial pools often have standardized designs for efficient use and safety compliance. Rectangular shapes are common due to their ease of maintenance and ability to accommodate multiple swimmers.
  • Public Usage: These pools are open to the public, making them suitable for group activities, swim lessons, and fitness classes. As a result, they are designed to accommodate higher footfall and various user needs.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Commercial pools need to adhere to strict regulations to ensure the safety of all users. This includes proper filtration, water quality maintenance, and accessibility features.

What to Consider Before Swimming Pool Construction

Our construction process is underscored by good planning and consideration of vital factors, ensuring your swimming pool becomes an oasis of comfort and joy:

1. Maximizing Sunlight Exposure

We strategically position pools to bask in abundant sunlight, especially during afternoons when the water is warmer, creating an inviting environment for swimmers.

2. Safeguarding Against Tree Impact

Steering clear of tree proximity, we prevent potential damage to the pool structure caused by root systems. This also prevents leaves from contaminating the water and staining the pool walls.

3. Countering Wind Effects

Incorporating wind-breaking elements like walls or adjacent buildings minimizes chills caused by wind and reduces the influx of dust and debris into the pool.

4. Ensuring Essential Amenities

We evaluate the accessibility of crucial amenities such as drainage, electricity, and water supply to guarantee a seamless swimming experience.

5. Comprehensive Facilities Planning

For public and commercial pools, we meticulously plan changing rooms and washrooms, incorporating proper drainage to prevent wastewater from compromising pool hygiene.

6. Landscaping Expertise

With professional guidance, we ensure that the landscaping surrounding the pool area harmonizes with the pool’s aesthetics and enhances the overall ambiance.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool in Kenya?

Enhancing your property with a swimming pool is an investment that adds both value and luxury. If you’re considering building a swimming pool in Kenya, understanding the associated costs is crucial. Here, we break down the key factors that influence the expenses involved.


The size of your swimming pool is a major cost determinant. Larger pools require more materials, labor, and time for construction. When calculating the cost, remember that bigger pools translate to higher expenses.


The type of swimming pool you choose significantly impacts the cost. Different types necessitate distinct construction techniques and materials. Whether you opt for an infinity pool, a lap pool, or a plunge pool, the design intricacies affect the overall expenditure.

Materials and Personalisation

Materials play a pivotal role in the cost equation. The kind of materials you select, along with any personalized features, can drive up the price. Customizations like water features, special lighting, and unique tiling elevate both the aesthetics and the expenses.

Intended Use

The intended use of the pool plays a key role in determining the cost. A private residential pool will have different cost considerations compared to a pool in a hotel or a public facility. Each type requires specific features and designs to match its purpose.

Ground Suitability

Before diving into construction, it’s essential to assess the suitability of the ground. Rocky terrain, uneven surfaces, or challenging soil conditions may require pre-construction groundwork. Factoring in these preparatory steps is essential for stability and budgeting.

Site Assessment is Key

For an accurate cost estimate, an on-site assessment is a must. This evaluation allows experts to gauge the unique aspects of your property and project requirements, tailoring the cost projection to your situation.

At Refinar East Africa, we stand as the forefront leader in exceptional swimming pool construction in Kenya. We take pride in creating enduring and exquisite swimming pools that transform spaces. Our extensive clientele includes private residences, educational institutions, luxurious hotels, vibrant clubs, esteemed corporations, and various establishments, each benefiting from our tailored solutions. Offering both affordability and durability, our swimming pools transcend expectations, and our commitment extends beyond mere construction to encompass repair and maintenance services.

Customized Excellence

Dedicated to delivering absolute satisfaction, we build swimming pools that are tailored to your unique vision. Our technical team comprises highly qualified and experienced experts who understand the art of transforming concepts into reality. As we undertake the creation of your dream pool, we ensure great attention to detail, adhering to legal architectural prerequisites, and securing the necessary certifications to offer unparalleled services.

If you’re in search of a dependable partner for your swimming pool construction needs, look no further. Connect with us at 0707075702 or to initiate a site visit, evaluation, measurements, and quotation process. Together, we’ll create a stunning aquatic haven that resonates with your vision and lifestyle.


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