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Epic Springs

Good Things Take Time and The goal for any investor is a good return on investment. Our client (Epic Springs) had sunk a borehole that had been sitting dormant in a prime area for some time until a random interaction with one of our sales team members changed the whole story.

  • Epic Springs
  • Epic Springs
  • Epic Springs

Client Requirements

Epic Springs’ specific requirement was to purify their borehole water for refilling and packaging.

Solutions for Success

Realizing that an enterprise needs more than just a water purification system, we put up a thorough proposal. This included marketing and operations training in addition to the planning and construction of an advanced Reverse osmosis water treatment plant. After Epic Springs grabbed the chance, we collaborated to rewrite their story.

Empowering Epic Springs

In response, Refinar East Africa meticulously designed and installed a Reverse Osmosis system. This not only fulfilled the client’s needs but also adhered to the stringent standards set by the Kenya Bureau Of Standards & World Health Organization Water Guidelines.

Our Comprehensive setup included:

(i) Chlorination Dosing

(ii) Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier – 500LPH

(iii) Stainless Steel Purified Water Storage Tank With 3 Taps Filling Station – 500 Liters

(iv) Double Bowl Bottle Washing Machine

(v) Stainless Steel Packaging Table

Exceeding Expectations: Mission Accomplished

Our goal was clear – design, manufacture, and install a 500 L/Hr RO System, along with storage, packaging, and bottle washing equipment, complete with suitable pretreatment and disinfection measures. Delightfully, we not only met but surpassed the customer’s expectations and timelines.

We’re delighted to have achieved and exceeded customer’s expectations and timelines.

The Water You Want From The Water You Have.

Ready to turn your water resources into a flourishing venture? Join hands with us at Refinar East Africa, where success stories come to life. Whether it’s optimizing your borehole or implementing cutting-edge water treatment solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Refinar East Africa?

– Proven Success

– Comprehensive Approach

– Regulatory Compliance

Your Success Awaits – Act Now! Seize the opportunity to redefine your water story. Contact us today for a consultation:

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