Kenya Institute Of Special Education (KISE) 


Kenya Institute Of Special Education (KISE) is a semi-autonomous government agency that is part of the Ministry of Education. KISE’s goal is to ensure that children with special needs and disabilities have access to quality education. Among many amenities and functions of KISE which include Conference Halls and Arc Restaurant, KISE decided to put up a Water Purification and Bottling Plant which would serve the institute, hotel, conference hall meetings, and the community at large.

Initiating the Water Project

Refinar East Africa’s partnership with KISE in this transformative water initiative began in 2022 when the institute’s Director shared the visionary concept with us. Excited about the prospect of contributing to a sustainable future, our team promptly engaged in the process.

Assessing Needs and Crafting Solutions

To tailor the water system to KISE’s unique requirements, our team conducted comprehensive water sampling and laboratory analyses. This crucial step allowed us to recommend and install a sophisticated water treatment and bottling plant, aligning with the stringent standards set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Swift Implementation

Impressed by the commitment of the KISE team, the water plant structure was swiftly erected within a remarkable 60-day timeframe. Our team installed a complete water treatment and Bottling Plant which included:

– 1000 liters per hour Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

– 2,000 liters Stainless Steel pure water storage tank

– 6 taps Water filling station

– Bottle Rinser

– Packaging Table

Comprehensive Support Beyond Installation

Our commitment to client success goes beyond installation. Recognizing the need for holistic assistance, we collaborated with KISE’s management to facilitate the next steps of the Water Project. This involved helping the institute procure bottles, and seals, designing a distinctive logo, and creating team attire that embodies their commitment to excellence.

Empowering Through Training

Education is at the core of our philosophy. We conducted in-depth training sessions that extended beyond technical aspects to cover essential skills such as sign language. This comprehensive approach ensures that the water project not only serves immediate needs but also enriches the community in diverse ways.

Fostering Social Impact

Through this innovative engineering endeavor, KISE has not only achieved water self-sufficiency for its restaurant but has also created employment opportunities. A testament to the success of our collaboration is the training of a deaf staff member, exemplifying the inclusive nature of this transformative project.


In summary, our journey with KISE exemplifies the power of collaboration in bringing about positive change. Through visionary leadership, meticulous planning, and a commitment to excellence, KISE has not only secured a sustainable water source but has also made significant strides in enhancing livelihoods and fostering inclusivity. As we celebrate this successful partnership, we look forward to continuing our mission of Enhancing Livelihood Through Innovative Engineering.


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