Aquasphere Purified Water Project: Success Story

AquaSphere Water Kenya

Our collaboration with the AquaSphere Team began at the crucial Initiation stage of their project. This phase was all about laying a strong foundation. We spent time understanding AquaSphere’s vision, goals, and expectations, engaging in preliminary research, and identifying key stakeholders. Establishing clear communication channels from the start was essential to ensure everyone was on […]

Mikaro CBO Dairy Unit Empowered by Hand in Hand Eastern Africa

Mikaro CBO Dairy Unit

Mikaro CBO Dairy Unit, in partnership with Hand in Hand Eastern Africa, is a Kenyan-based NGO focused on poverty alleviation through sustainable enterprises and job creation. Located in Keriko, Nyandarua County, Mikaro plays a vital role in Kenya’s dairy farming sector, significantly contributing to the country’s milk production and economic growth. Community Impact: Founded in […]

Zero Four Drops – Maua

Zero Four Drops water vending station

At Zero Four Drops, we pride ourselves on turning challenges into triumphs, and our recent project in Maua is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Faced with a tight schedule, our client required swift and efficient implementation. We rose to the occasion, delivering outstanding results while adhering to deadlines. Project Overview: In collaboration with […]

Kenya Institute Of Special Education (KISE) 


Kenya Institute Of Special Education (KISE) is a semi-autonomous government agency that is part of the Ministry of Education. KISE’s goal is to ensure that children with special needs and disabilities have access to quality education. Among many amenities and functions of KISE which include Conference Halls and Arc Restaurant, KISE decided to put up […]

Epic Springs – Ruiru: Transforming Visions into Reality

Epic Springs

Good Things Take Time and The goal for any investor is a good return on investment. Our client (Epic Springs) had sunk a borehole that had been sitting dormant in a prime area for some time until a random interaction with one of our sales team members changed the whole story. Client Requirements Epic Springs’ […]

Waji Drinking Water, Westlands

In June 2023, two ambitious investors approached us with a simple yet impactful idea – to start a water business that would bring pure, refreshing hydration to their community. Recognizing the potential, we at Refinar East Africa partnered with them to turn their vision into reality. The Challenge Upon meeting our clients, we discovered that […]

Blue Dew Water Isiolo

At Refinar East Africa, we prioritize tailoring solutions to perfectly fit your market. Regardless of the market’s size, type, or nature, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our recent project for Blue Dew Water in Isiolo, where we successfully implemented a comprehensive 1000 LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and Packaging […]

Reteti Elephants Sanctuary Samburu, Kenya

The Reteti Elephants, small and vulnerable, receive a 2-litre bottle of milk every three hours, around the clock. This translates to an impressive 8 bottles a day and a staggering 56 bottles a week for a single elephant. The introduction of a new milk formula, through the collaborative efforts of the dedicated keepers, co-founder Katie […]