Automatic Yoghurt filling Machine


Streamline your production process with our Fully Automatic Yoghurt Filling Machine. Designed to meet the demands of modern food and beverage factories, this innovative machine offers seamless automation for cup dropping, material filling, sealing, and product discharge. With a capacity ranging from 800 to 2400 cups per hour, depending on the mold configuration, this machine ensures efficient output that caters to a range of production needs.

Key Features of the Fully Automatic Yoghurt Filling Machine:

Rotary Plate-Driven System: Utilizing a servo motor and planetary gear reducer, the rotary plate system delivers swift and precise rotation. Thanks to the smooth start and stop capabilities of the servo motor, material splashing is minimized, ensuring accurate positioning.

Efficient Empty Cup Handling: The machine employs spiral separation and pressing techniques for gentle cup dropping, preventing damage and deformation. A vacuum suction cup guides empty cups precisely into the mold, enhancing operational efficiency.

Smart Empty Cup Detection: Incorporating photoelectric or fiber optic sensors, the machine identifies whether the mold is empty. This intelligent detection system prevents incorrect filling and sealing in non-empty molds, minimizing wastage and reducing the need for frequent machine cleaning.

Precise Quantitative Filling: Featuring piston filling and cup lifting mechanisms, the machine achieves spill-free and leak-proof material filling. The tool disassembly allows for easy cleaning using the CIP method, ensuring hygiene.

Effortless Film Placement: The 180-degree rotating vacuum suction cup and film bin enable swift and accurate positioning of the aluminum foil film onto the mold.

Sealing Perfection: The sealing process includes a heating and sealing mold along with a cylinder pressing system. With adjustable sealing temperatures ranging from 0 to 300 degrees, controlled by an Omron PID controller and solid state relay, sealing precision is maintained within a temperature difference of less than +/- 1 degree.

Smooth Discharge System: A swift and stable cup-lifting and cup-pulling system ensures efficient product discharge.

Comprehensive Automation Control: The machine’s automation control system comprises PLC, a touch screen, a servo system, sensors, magnetic valves, relays, and other essential components for seamless operation.

Pneumatic Precision: The pneumatic system encompasses valves, air filters, meters, pressure sensors, magnetic valves, cylinders, and silencers, ensuring accurate and controlled operations.

Optional Safety Guard: For enhanced operator safety, the machine offers an optional safety guard featuring a PC board and stainless steel components, along with a safety switch.

Experience the future of automated production with our Fully Automatic Yoghurt Filling Machine. Elevate your efficiency, precision, and product quality with this advanced solution.


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