18-18-6 Water Filling Machine

18-18-6 Drinking Water Filling Machine

  • Capacity 6000-8000 BPH (500ML)
  • Way of filling – Gravity Filling
  • Applicable bottle size – Diameter 50 -90, Height 165 -290
  • Pressure – 0.7MPa
  • Air Consumption – 0.8M (Cubic/ min)
  • Water Consumption of washing 1.8 Ton/ hour
  • Voltage – 380V
  • Main Power 3Kw
  • Total power 4.3 Kw
  • Dimensions (mm) 3340x2200x2250
  • Weight of machine – 6000 kg



Main Features

  1. Stable Conveying: The machine ensures stable conveying by synchronously controlling the movement of the conveying belt and engine. This ensures that bottles are transported without falling, blocking, or jamming. Additionally, a cushion platform can be placed before the labeling machine. This allows the filling machine to continue working even when the label is being changed, eliminating the need for stopping and waiting. The cushion stores the filled product during this period, and once label changing is complete, the labeling machine swiftly applies labels to the stored products, restoring production speed.
  2. Modular Design: The conveying belt is designed with interchangeable components, making it easy to assemble and maintain. It has a compact structure and produces minimal noise. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to accommodate different bottle types based on varying capacities.
  3. Advanced Electrical Control: The electrical control system is designed with advanced and rational features. It allows for customization of the control method and the selection of electrical components based on the client’s layout. This enhances the overall stability of the conveying process.
  4. Convenience of Operation: Switches are strategically placed according to the layout of the conveying system or in response to reasonable customer requirements. This ensures ease of operation.
  5. Belt Lubricating System: The machine is equipped with a lubrication system for the conveying belt, ensuring smooth operation.
  6. High-Quality Materials: The main components are constructed using SUS304, a high-quality stainless steel known for its durability and corrosion resistance.
  7. Advanced Fringe Board: The fringe board is manufactured using U.S. Rexnord technology, known for its high standards and advanced production techniques.


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