Automatic linear filling machine

Automatic linear filling machine 12-12-1

Overall dimensions: 2700X75370mm

Power supply 3 phase


Simplify Bottling with the Automatic Linear Filling Machine 12-12-1

Introducing our efficient Automatic Linear Filling Machine 12-12-1 – a game-changer for streamlined bottling processes. With an impressive production capacity of 2000 bottles per hour, this machine optimizes speed without compromising quality. It is versatile for 12-head washing and 12-head filling, and the 1-head capping system ensures seamless operations, making it your ultimate bottling companion.

Key Features of the Automatic Linear Filling Machine 12-12-1:

  • High Production Capacity: Achieve peak efficiency with a remarkable 2000 bottles per hour production capacity. Fast, reliable, and precise.
  • Multi-Function Heads: Equipped with 12 washing heads, 12 filling heads, and 1 capping head, this machine is adaptable to your bottling needs from start to finish.
  • Durable Stainless Steel: Crafted from robust stainless steel 304, this machine promises durability and hygiene, delivering consistent performance in demanding environments.
  • Versatile Bottle Size: The machine accommodates bottle sizes ranging from 350ml to 1500ml, providing flexibility for various products.
  • Secure Bottleneck Fit: With a 28mm suitable bottleneck size, your bottles are snugly sealed, preventing leaks and ensuring product integrity.
  • Sturdy Conveyor and Table: Featuring a reliable 3.5mm thick conveyor and stainless steel table, the machine offers stability throughout the bottling process.
  • Compact Dimensions: The machine’s overall dimensions of 2700x75370mm make it a space-efficient addition to your production line.
  • Reliable 3-Phase Power: Operating on a steady 3-phase power supply, the machine guarantees consistent and efficient performance, aligning with your production demands.

Get our seamless efficiency of the  Linear Filling Machine 12-12-1. Elevate your bottling operations with its adaptable design, robust construction, and reliable speed.


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