(RO) With Inbuilt Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Functions; Rinsing, Washing, filling, and capping

Production; 60BPH  VOLUME OF BOTTLE 3-1 gallon= 3.75ltr


Simplify your bottling process with the advanced (RO) Inbuilt Automatic Bottle Filling Machine. This all-in-one solution handles rinsing, washing, filling, and capping tasks seamlessly, streamlining your production line. With a production rate of 60 bottles per hour and a volume of 3.75 liters (suitable for 3 to 1-gallon bottles), this machine combines speed and precision for your bottling needs.

Key Features of the (RO) Inbuilt Automatic Bottle Filling Machine:

  • One-Stop Convenience: This machine takes care of everything – from careful rinsing and washing to accurate filling and secure capping. Enjoy simplicity and efficiency with its all-inclusive design.
  • Impressive Output: Achieve a steady production rate of 60 bottles per hour. Each bottle can hold up to 3.75 liters, making it perfect for 3 to 1-gallon bottles. Get more done without sacrificing quality.
  • Stainless Steel Durability: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel (304), this machine ensures longevity, hygiene, and robust performance, even in demanding settings.
  • Reliable Power Supply: The machine runs on a stable 3-phase power supply, ensuring consistent and efficient operation to meet your production demands.
  • Custom Bottleneck Fit: Adapt the machine to your needs with customizable bottleneck sizes. Enjoy flexibility that suits your specific bottling requirements.

Elevate your bottling process with our efficient (RO) Inbuilt Automatic Bottle Filling Machine. From washing to capping, experience ease, speed, and versatility in one package.


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